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No really. That's what I thought of when I saw the title. I expected a Dateline-esque story, and I was left hanging.

I will also say that I don't remember this case. At all. Sure I was 11 at the time of the murders, but I remember Selena and Yolanda Saldivar, Karla Faye Tucker, and even Amber Hagerman; whose unsolved murder would eventually bring forth the AMBER alert system. I have no recollection of the 6-6-6 murders. With a name like that, I think I would. I've also ready enough to true crime to be familiar with other cases. But I digress...

I really enjoy reading true crime for some reason, please don't ask me why; so I was looking forward to reading this book. I will give credit to the thorough investigating and research that the author did for this case. Even as I kept reading, I was still divided over Darlie's position. Was she guilty? Did she kill her two oldest sons and slash her throat just millimeters from the kill spot? Or was the house really broken into, Darlie attacked, and the boys stabbed to death? After finishing the book, I lean more to the innocent side. I think the husband had more to do with it than he let on, and I think that someone was hired to do hurt/kill people in the house. The family was so concerned about getting Darlie out of jail and found not guilty, that they completely overlooked the fact that she could be found guilty and go to jail. Which is exactly what happened. This entire case is proof that you need to inform yourself and others ACCURATELY about the judicial process, criminal investigations, and so on. Always get a lawyer, even if you are innocent. Fumbling crime scenes are bound to happen, and people will lie to cover up their mistakes.

I really wish that there were some sort timeline that has all of the events together, because I think that I got a little lost in the book with all of the interviews. That being said, I did enjoy the interviews from the various people involved either with the case, or part of Darlie's family. It was a great way to put different perspectives of the case to work and to show the reader all is not what it seems. I would also like to see updates to the book if there is any more evidence released, including more DNA testing.

**DISCLAIMER** I have been compensated and provided with materials for this review. However, the views and opinions are mine, and mine only. Thank you.

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