Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adventures in Civic Duty and other musings.

A few weeks ago, I received what most people dread, but I look forward to: a jury summons. I am always excited to go downtown (even though the drive is a total bitch) and wait until my juror number is called. Every single time I have gone down to JD, I have always been dismissed. Well, that all changed yesterday. My number was called, we assembled into a panel, and I was the first juror picked. Hooray! No really, this is what I looked like on the inside:

No really. I was THAT excited.

It was a misdemeanor case, so there were only 6 of us on the jury. After we heard both sides, we adjourned to the room to deliberate. They lock you in there, that shit it no joke. There's 2 bathrooms, and you can totally hear people peeing. It's awkward, but not, because there is nothing you can do. There's a buzzer that you press if you have questions or are ready to deliver the verdict. I was unanimously elected foreman, so I was the representative of the group. My signature is on the paper that contains the verdict. It's very surreal. It was thrilling up until the point where we went back to deliberate. Then my mood changed. Even though it was a small charge, knowing that someone's fate is in your hands is very big, and very emotional. My anxiety was riding high. This case was one where if one particular witness would not have come forward, then the guy would have been not-guilty. Easy Peasy. But, the witness proved that the defendant was guilty. So, a guilty verdict was brought forth from the jury. I still was full of melancholy once we were released, but I did improve once the day went on. I made Gamer Stud take me to Five Guys Burgers because I needed to eat the rest of my feelings. Which I did! It looked just like this:


I have heard several rumblings that someone is trying to make un-poppable bubble wrap a thing. STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, YOU DICKS! That is one of the worst ideas ever conceived. That's almost as bad as MTV trying to do a Rocky Horror remake. People freaked out so hard, that they stopped. It never even made it to any kind of production! Success!

I'm going to attempt to make banana bread tonight, so we'll see how that turns out. I want to say that I've made it before. If I have it's been a while. Hooray for baking!

Metal as fuck, yo.

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