Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That one time where I acted like a Turtle.

No really, that's pretty much how this all started.

Okay. So I've been SUPER M.I.A for a while. I know I've been posting promos and whatnot for the LSLL blog tour, but I haven't done anything personal. To be honest, life got super duper overwhelming, and I needed to take a step back and just be a minimalist kind of person for a little while. Finally accepting my anxiety issues as a real problem has made it a lot easier for me. I'm now on medication, and I do notice a difference in my day to day activities and how I'm able to handle each one. Do I feel better? To an extent. Will I get better? Probably. But I'm working with everything the best way that I can, so hopefully, I can get back on the bike and just cruise. I have been reading a lot and watching quite a bit of movies and tv shows, so I'll be posting reviews for those soon. I also have a few books to giveaway, so be on the lookout for those as well!! Free shit, y'all! Woo hoo! I'm still reading the Harry Potter series, but since that's more on the Facebook page, I'll post there, but I'll also post my reviews and thoughts here. I'll still be posting for LSLL as well, but not for much longer. Well, at least I think so. Not really sure what's going on with that stuff, either.

I'm looking forward to 2016. I really am. This year has had its ups and downs, but it was able to end on a high note. I recently applied and interview for a Senior position at another branch and I was offered said position the Tuesday before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me, amirite? I'm looking forward to starting my new job and I'm excited to see what challenges will be brought forth. I'm bummed that I'll be leaving my peeps behind a second time, but at least this time around, it will be on my terms. I think that is helping me through the goodbye process.

I'm not making resolutions for 2016, but I am setting goals. The usual weight loss, finance, and organization stuff is on my list, but my main #1 goal is to unplug. I want to spend less time on electronics and more with the people that are important to me but also get out and do more. I spent a lot of time indoors this year, and I'm disappointed but understand why. I'm sure I'll post about my progress throughout the year, and hopefully it will inspire you guys to make changes, even if it's small ones!

In case you're wondering what I look like cleaning, this is it.

Welp. I think that's it for now. I'm going to go mope around because I overslept and couldn't go to Mickey D's to get a McGriddle. I WANT A MCGRIDDLE, DAMMIT.

Review- Deceived by L.A. Starkey

I signed up for this particular blog tour after reading the synopsis for Deceived. I'm a sucker for Greek mythology, so I knew I would at least give it a try. I read this book rather quickly, and I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing for the series.

Deceived, which is the first book in the Soul Keeper Trilogy, does a great job weaving two different worlds, flashbacks, and lastly, blackouts all together in a world that makes sense. The characters are mostly likeable, but some are place keepers. I'm sure they will grow throughout, but it wasn't happening here. I want to root for Sam, but I just can't bring myself to do it just yet. As of right now, I'm rooting for Nick and the Uncles!

Being that this is the first book in the series, I guess I just expected more (especially with it being 500 pages!). I was left feeling like I had gone to a steakhouse and was served McDonald's. I needed more from the book. The build up took quite a while and when the prophecy began, it sort of fizzled. I think would've enjoyed it more if I had all 3 books to read back to back, so that I would've been able to keep going.

I do plan on going back and reading the second and third books, but I know I'll have to read the first one for a reminder; and I'm not 100% on that just yet.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

P-P-P-PROMOOOOOO!!!!!! The Hospitalist by Michael Weisberg, M.D.

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Michael Weisberg, M.D.

Print Length: 346 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1483419975
Publisher: Rebreca Publishing; First Edition edition (July 11, 2014)
Publication Date: July 11, 2014
Price: $17.99


What happens when you are admitted to the hospital as a patient, and the physician assigned to be your doctor has never seen you before and knows absolutely nothing about you? 

Welcome to Medicine in the 21st century, where the results of having a Hospitalist instead of your own doctor can be disastrous. 

Specialist Dr. Aaron Bernstein enters the world of the Hospitalist firsthand when he confronts a schizophrenic patient who -- literally -- is a ticking time-bomb.

Dr. Michael F. Weisberg

Dr. Michael Weisberg has been a practicing gastroenterologist for over 23 years in Plano, Texas. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

He has been recognized as a ‘Super-Doctor’ by Texas Monthly and named to D Magazine’s list of best doctors eight times. Dr. Weisberg also serves as a board member of Digestive Health Associates of Texas.  

Dr. Weisberg graduated in 1981 from Vanderbilt University Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in 1985 and completed a fellowship in Gastroenterology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Dr. Weisberg has written stories throughout his medical career. In 2011 he won first prize in a short-story competition sponsored by Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.

The Hospitalist is Dr. Weisberg’s first novel. He is currently working on his second novel.

He lives in Dallas with his wife and three children.

Professional Affiliations

American College of Gastroenterology
Texas Society for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
Texas Medical Association
Dallas County Medical Society

North Texas Chapter - Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America 

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

P-P-P-PROMOOOOOO!!!!!! House of the Rising Sun by James Lee Burke

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a novel
James Lee Burke

Author: James Lee Burke
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
# of pages: 448

Order today from 

New York Times bestseller James Lee Burke returns with his latest masterpiece, the story of a father and son separated by war and circumstance—and whose encounter with the legendary Holy Grail will change their lives forever.

From its opening scene in revolutionary Mexico to the Battle of the Marne in 1918, and on to the bordellos and saloons of San Antonio during the reign of the Hole in the Wall Gang, House of the Rising Sun is an epic tale of love, loss, betrayal, vengeance, and retribution that follows Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland on his journey to reunite with his estranged son, Ishmael, a captain in the United States Army.

After a violent encounter that leaves four Mexican soldiers dead, Hackberry escapes the country in possession of a stolen artifact, earning the ire of a bloodthirsty Austrian arms dealer who then places Hack’s son Ishmael squarely in the cross hairs of a plot to recapture his prize, believed to be the mythic cup of Christ.

Along the way, we meet three extraordinary women: Ruby Dansen, the Danish immigrant who is Ishmael’s mother and Hackberry’s one true love; Beatrice DeMolay, a brothel madam descended from the crusader knight who brought the shroud of Turin back from the Holy Land; and Maggie Bassett, one-time lover of the Sundance Kid, whose wiles rival those of Lady Macbeth. In her own way, each woman will aid Hackberry in his quest to reconcile with Ishmael, to vanquish their enemies, and to return the Grail to its rightful place.

House of the Rising Sun is James Lee Burke’s finest novel to date, and a thrilling entry into the Holland family saga that continued most recently with Wayfaring Stranger, which The New York Times Book Review described as “saturated with the romance of the past while mournfully attuned to the unholy menace of the present.”

Praise for the author

“The heavyweight champ, a great American novelist.” Michael Connelly
A classic saga of the American West from James Lee Burke
House of the Rising Sun

One of America’s most acclaimed and versatile novelists returns with a harrowing, historical epic featuring Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland. Starting in revolutionary Mexico circa 1918 and winding through seedy, gang-controlled San Antonio, Holland fights his way back to his Army captain son while protecting one of history’s most fabled artifacts.
“A gorgeous prose stylist.” —Stephen King
“The reigning champ of nostalgia noir.” —The New York Times Book Review

James Lee Burke, a rare winner of two Edgar Awards, and named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America, is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty novels and two collections of short stories. He lives in Missoula, Montana.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

P-P-PROMOOOOOO!!!!!! The Whole Enchilada by Angelina LaRue

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Fresh and Nutritious Southwestern Cuisine
Angelina LaRue

Fresh and Healthy Southwestern Cuisine
Genre: Cookbook
# of pages: 192

Bright, full-flavored, subtle-yet-spicy Tex-Mex explosion!

Bright spices and clean finishes accent the unique and complex flavor profiles of the Southwest. Food columnist Angelina LaRue knows that cooking delicious and healthy food seems difficult at times, but her cookbook includes simple and easy recipes that will remind you why Tex-Mex is as popular as it is! Sometimes people describe Mexican food as heavy or unhealthy, and, yes, it may well be when it comes from a can. With LaRue’s inspiration and recipes such as “Oven-Fried Tomatillos with Asadero Cheese and Oregano Oil” and “Tex-Mex Cassoulet,” you too can turn normal Mexican dishes into updated specialties—simple to prepare, but with a zing of flavor!

About the book
The vibrant colors, earthy ingredients, and glorious aromas of Southwestern cuisine will sizzle right off the pages of this book and straight onto your table. The natural flavors are both savory and sweet, with simple ingredients that lend themselves to sauces, beverages, main dishes, meatless options, side dishes, snacks, and desserts.
Praise for the book
“Angelina’s spicy dishes just tickle me pink—fun and easy to cook, with fresh ingredients and a healthy heaping of chili peppers. Pass some more of those corn tortillas, please!”
Paula Deen, best-selling author of Paula Deen Cuts the Fat: 250 Favorite Recipes All Lightened Up
“An exciting and nutritious approach to Southwestern cuisine.”
Tom Perini, owner of Perini Ranch Steakhouse and author of Texas Cowboy Cooking
“This book is a must for your cookbook library. It’s obvious that Angelina has a passion for Southwestern cuisine. Her recipes are authentic, fresh, and party-friendly—perfect for your next casual get-together.”
Annette Joseph, Today show guest and author of Picture Perfect Parties
“The recipes Angelina has created are simple, fresh, stunningly beautiful and nutritious. She has poured her heart and soul into her first cookbook. Her love for food shines through in each page. I look forward to many nights around the table, enjoying dinner prepared out of The Whole Enchilada.”
Tara Royer Steele, The Pie Queen, owner of Royers Round Top Café and Royers Pie Haven


Angela writes two weekly food columns, one for the Lubbock Avalanche Journal and the other is featured in the Idalou Beacon. She is a regular contributor for the Lubbock Magazine and formerly a Skirt! Setter / Blogger for Morris Publications. Angela also performs various cooking workshops and has been invited to judge cooking competitions. In addition, Angela is an aspiring food stylist and photographer.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review- Murder at Peacock Mansion by Judy Alter

I’m going to be honest here. I’m not a cozy mystery fan. I love a good mystery, especially a suspense-filled gore fest. I had previously read and reviewed Judy Alter’s Texas is Chili Country, and really enjoyed learning about the history of one of my favorite foods. Being familiar with the author’s writing, I was looking forward to reading her fiction. Being the third book in the Blue Plate Café , Murder at the Peacock Mansion is easily read without having to read the others. There may be a few things that you might question, but not enough to be confusing.

Kate is the owner of the Blue Plate Café, and has a ton of internal dialog; to the point where it interferes with the actual conversation. The plot had potential, but there were so many details that really didn’t add much to the story, so it detracted from the actual mystery. The "whodunnit" part begins to turn into "just tell us" after about page 178. Alter does a good job maintaining the small town feel throughout the story, where everyone knows everyone and their business. As for character development, there’s not too much there, as the story takes place over just a few weeks. But I feel as though no one really learned too much from everything that happened throught the story.

Fans of cozy mysteries would probably enjoy the story and the series, because this is one that also includes recipes of the foods that were mentioned throught the story.

Review- Dear Diary by Suzanne Gene Courtney

Death is no easy event to deal with. It can happen suddenly or you’ll know it’s coming. Either way, it sucks. As a veteran on the funeral home circuit (yes, I know that’s terrible, but I’ve been going to funerals for as long as I can remember.), adults normally have a better understanding of what is happening. Children, on the other hand, sometimes have trouble understanding and coping. Suzanne Gene Courtney’s book, Dear Diary: My brother died today is a short book that can help children understand. Mind you, it does have religious undertones, but not enough to engulf the book.

Dear Diary is the final book in the author’s trilogy of books on death, grief, and understanding. I think books about topics as sensitive as death can be very beneficial to helping a child understand and cope. Sometimes children have trouble opening up to adults about what they are feeling. Something as simple as a book can give them the escape that they need.

P-P-P-PROMOOOOOO!!!!!! Door of the Heart by Diana Finfrock Farrar

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Diana Finfrock Farrar

Married for twenty years, Tammy & Ed Sloan suddenly find themselves on opposite sides of a hot button current social issue when their high school aged son is punished for bullying a fellow athlete who is gay. The wife of a conservative Texas politician, Tammy begins to reexamine her values after the incident blows up in the media and embarks on a mission not just to view LGBT issues through a loving Christian perspective, but to become an active participant for positive change. A generous look at the gay community through a Christian lens, Diana Finfrock Farrar’s novel interweaves multiple story lines that feature endearing characters, both gay and straight, each confronting the consequences of homophobia and demonstrating a need for the understanding and the embracing of the LGBT community, especially in the heart of Bible-belt reactionaryism.



First time novelist, Diana Finfrock Farrar, is a native Texan and financial adviser representative who loves snow skiing and traveling, competes in sprint triathlons, and is an ordained deacon and elder in the Presbyterian church (PCUSA) where she sings in the choir every Sunday.  Blessed to have been born into a family that taught her how to live a life of faith, love and relationship — the idea of family has always been at her center.  Feeling called to make a difference, Farrar has penned her first novel with the hope of educating her readers on issues of empowerment, injustice, and compassion. She and her wife, Charlotte, were married in Ontario, Canada in 2010.  They live in Texas and share five children and three grandchildren.


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

P-P-P-PROMOOOOOO!!!!! A Cold Creek Christmas Story by RaeAnne Thayne

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RaeAnne Thayne

Sparkle In The Snow Leads To So Much More
Celeste Nicholas has always preferred to keep to herself in her hometown of Pine Gulch, Idaho…until she becomes an instant celebrity! When one of her children's stories becomes a major success, she's suddenly the talk of the town. Celeste should be gloriously happy…but something, someone, special is still missing from her life. Could the return of her childhood crush be the answer?
Flynn Delaney has moved back home for his daughter's sake. Yet all the millionaire's resources can't help the little girl heal from the tragic loss of her mother. Shy librarian Celeste and her stories do hold some indefinable magic, though. Flynn came home looking for support—can he find that, and true love, in the one who got away?
Praise for RaeAnne Thayne

“[Thayne] engages the reader’s heart and emotions, inspiring hope and the belief that miracles are possible.” #1 New York Timesbestselling author Debbie Macomber
“Thayne’s beautiful, honest storytelling goes straight to the heart.” —RT Book Reviews


Amazon        B&N       IndieBound

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne loves words. Her love of reading and writing those words led her to a fifteen-year career in journalism as a newspaper reporter and editor.

Through it all, she dreamed of writing the kind of stories she loved best. She sold her first book in 1995 and since then she’s published more than 40 titles. Her books have won many honors, including three RITA® Award nominations from the Romance Writers of America and a Career Achievement Award from RT Book Reviews magazine.
RaeAnne finds inspiration in the rugged northern Utah mountains, where she lives with her hero of a husband and their children. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at


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