Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review- Dear Diary by Suzanne Gene Courtney

Death is no easy event to deal with. It can happen suddenly or you’ll know it’s coming. Either way, it sucks. As a veteran on the funeral home circuit (yes, I know that’s terrible, but I’ve been going to funerals for as long as I can remember.), adults normally have a better understanding of what is happening. Children, on the other hand, sometimes have trouble understanding and coping. Suzanne Gene Courtney’s book, Dear Diary: My brother died today is a short book that can help children understand. Mind you, it does have religious undertones, but not enough to engulf the book.

Dear Diary is the final book in the author’s trilogy of books on death, grief, and understanding. I think books about topics as sensitive as death can be very beneficial to helping a child understand and cope. Sometimes children have trouble opening up to adults about what they are feeling. Something as simple as a book can give them the escape that they need.

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