Sunday, September 20, 2015

A half-assed apology and a whole-assed suggestion.

I promise that I'm not neglecting the blog, it's just that I was on a week-long vacation, padded with an extra day thanks to the holiday. That was 9 days (7, actually, if you count 1 day of shorts/ 1 day of capris [denim]) of wearing yoga pants. IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER, Y'ALL. I even wore yoga capris to the Motley Crue concert. I had to wear a maxi skirt to work Tuesday (my first day back) to ease the transition back to actual work wear. I REALLY need to find a job that involves me wearing yoga pants alllllll day. Seriously. How awesome would that be?!?! But I digress...

Every. damn. time.

I have been thinking about re-reading the Harry Potter series for quite a while now. I've only read Deathly Hallows once and it was the night/day of the release. I think it would be interesting to go back as an adult visit the world. I'm a huge Potterhead. I even knitted my own scarf! When the last book came out, I was filled with many emotions. Happiness, excitement, sadness, and a sprinkle of melancholy. Same thing when the last movie's credits rolled. The series was such a huge part of my teens and early twenties, that it felt as though a chapter was closing. Maybe bigger than that. Like a Part 5 or something. Midnight releases, fan fiction, movie marathons, and a pilgrimage that I will never forget: the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. I was in absolute heaven there. I took plenty of pictures while I was there, but they're on another computer, so I'll have to dig those up and show y'all.

Made back in 2011. My hands were KILLING me.

With all that said, I am inviting everyone to join me on my journey to re-visit Hogwarts and the characters we loved to much and still hold dear. I'll make it super easy. We'll start on October 1st and read one book a month, as to give everyone time to get through them with no rush. I'll set up everything on my facebook page- that way it will be easier for everyone to communicate. I'll put up a few discussions throughout each book so that we can chat and post all kinds of Potter stuffs. Anything and everything will be welcome, including links to sites, clothing, your own discussions (if mine suck) etc. I'm super excited about this, and I hope everyone will join me!!


Okay just one more:


  1. Yaasss! I started to reread the first book last year and ended up crying through the first chapter! So many emotions!