Friday, August 28, 2015

Life Rumblings

Since I haven't done a personal post in a few weeks, I am now tormenting my brain trying to remember basic html. It's HILARIOUS, y'all. I get so many "CODE BROKEN" alerts, I'm waiting for C.I.A. to come busting through the windows and arrest me for wasting their monitoring time with shitty interneting. I'M SO SORRRRRY. Speaking of hilarity, I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago and updated my prescriptions. This led to me getting new glasses with a new prescription after wearing the same pair for 5 years. I am so wonky right now that everything keeps moving after I stop. I keep opening my eyes wider to adjust, so I look like I'm shocked all the time. Oy.

This is me, right now. Blonde pigtails and all.

Remember that one time I said that I was making banana bread and that I would post pictures of it afterwards? Of course you do! Well, I did take pictures of the process, and I did make banana bread, but that was as far as I got. But here's where I should've taken pictures and posted instead; we wrapped the bread (still in the pan) in foil to cover, and went to bed. We saw black spots on the foil the morning after, so I freaked, yanked off the foil, and examined the bread. Nothing was wrong, there were no spots or anything on the bread itself. I looked at the black spots on the foil, and they had teeny tiny holes in the middle. My conclusion: the bread had started EATING THE FOIL. WAT. I have never seen banana bread do that. Ever. So we put another piece of foil on top and left it alone. Same thing the next morning. Black spots with tiny holes. Maybe it didn't like the foil? Chemical reaction with the ingredients and the aluminum? I have no idea. Not a single one. Do you guys have any clue? I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would share!

I am also in the process of figuring out how to label my personal, non-compensated book reviews. I'll probably end up calling it "Middy Done Read a Book, Y'all," or something along those lines and completely idiotic. Because, YOLO. I need a good rating system, too. Like, "This book gets 7 out of 10 Gremlins." It seems like a good plan, right? I recently finished one book called People I want to punch in the throat, which is based on the blog of the same name by Jen Mann and probably one of the greatest books to ever grace my life. If you ever get a chance to read it, you will see me in every single story. That woman is my spirit animal. The actual review will be coming soon.

In other book-related news, I am absolutely LOVING the Lone Star Book Blog Tour. For those you that have been following the blog the past few months, I am part of group that reviews/promotes/author q & a's books by Texas authors or books that have some sort of Texas theme. How does the blog tour work, you ask? Well, 10-15 blogger sign up to do one of the things mentioned above, and we have a specific date given to us. Then, we post about the book on our date, which in turn becomes part of the tour. It's really a great idea because it introduces you to different blogs with different personalities. I'm going to try to remember to post the other blogs that are taking part for each book tour, so if you're interested, you can check them out as well! I am being paid to do these tours, which is why they look so much fancier than my personal book reviews. I'M NOT FANCY, YOU ALREADY KNOWWW. I can also hold it down like I'm givin' lessons in physics. But I digress...

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